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Jesus Christ this took a long time.

So, for picspammy  's "End of Year Lists" challenge I'm listing my favourite people of 2009. Some are covered more than others. This picspam isn't really all prettified, it's not organised, it's just pictures that I love of people that make me squee.

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"Something Different" picspam challenge

Made for picspammy 's "Something Different" challenge.

So, probably no-one but me cares about this, but a year ago last month a skinny German kid in an F1 car proved to me that age doesn't matter, just go out and do what you want to do. This is "something different" for me because I'm usually obsessed with football, that's my one love. But Sebastian Vettel came along and totally ruined me. Hell, I fancy the pants off him and he's definitely not my type. Completely ruined.

On September 14 2008 Sebastian Vettel won his first F1 Grand Prix at the Audromo Nazionale Monza in Italy. At 21 years and 73 days old, he became the youngest ever driver to win a Formula 1 race and he gave his team, Toro Rosso, their first ever victory in the sport. This year he drove for Red Bull Racing and proved that his win wasn't just a fluke, he is a star in the making.

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